Research & Knowledge

The term “research” in Waitemata DHB refers to a wide umbrella of activity that includes interventional and observational clinical research, clinical audit, innovation, service improvement and other related activity that occurs locally and/or in collaborations with research and innovation partners.

Research is integral to ensuring that our health professionals deliver the best care for our community informed by the latest developments within their fields. A close relationship exists between research and the delivery of front-line care, with the vast majority of Waitemata DHB researchers also being practicing clinicians.

Research Locality Process

Locality review assesses the site's suitability for safe and effective conduct of a study. View details of the Waitemata DHB Locality Process here. The National Ethics Advisory Committee (NEAC) guidelines require all health research, audit and related activity to be registered and approved by the host institution (locality).

Research Funding

Waitemata DHB welcomes collaboration with external researchers. Many grant applications are now submitted online, and require processing by the 'Research Office' prior to submission to the funder.  Notify the Knowledge Centre as early as possible of your intention to apply for a grant. This is particularly important for HRC grants. Any MoUs that are written as part of a grant contract need to be reviewed by the DHB Legal Advisors. Direct all grant enquiries to Dr Victoria Andersen +64 9 486 8920 extn 43611.

Contact us

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