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Innovation is about doing things in new ways to improve outcomes

Innovation at Waitemata DHB is about delivering service:

  • in a different way
  • in a different place
  • by different people / in different roles
  • using different technology or tools

There are many options available to our innovators and we encourage you to make contact with us or look at ways we can help.

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ways we can helpWays we can help

  • support from our innovation coordinator throughout all phases of your project
  • networks and communities of practice to best guide and support you
  • innovation library - investigate new models of care
  • fellowship programme - contribute to development projects and implementation of change
  • centre for Health Technology and Creative Design - develop, test, refine and adopt new technology and models of care
  • partnerships - with relevant industry or academic institutions
  • governance - ensuring our innvations align with the organisations values and strategic priorities
  • innovation incubators - support commercialisable opportunities
  • The Research & Knowledge Centre - research support and more