Health Excellence Awards Posters

Entries to the Health Excellence Awards can be either as an oral or poster presentation. Posters may be either traditional style posters or electronic posters (a series of slides). These posters have been submitted as entries in the Waitemata Health Excellence Awards and have not been subject to peer review.  They may contain errors of fact or analysis, expressions of personal opinion and may not reflect Waitemata District Health Board’s policies, procedures and guidelines for clinical practice.



2017 Posters

WHEA 101 Survey Development Project
(Speech & Language Therapy)
WHEA 102 Decoding KPI’s for Clinicians
WHEA 103 HoNoS Improves Quality of
Care for Service Users
WHEA 104 (slides) Achieving Hand Hygiene
Compliance in CVU
WHEA 105 (slides) Transgender Health Care:
a Co-designed Pathway
WHEA 106 Exploring Emotions, Knowledge
& Nutritional Support
WHEA 107 (slides) Implementing a Pathway for
Autistic Spectrum Disorders
WHEA 108 Community Perceptions of
Primary Birthing Units
WHEA 109 ECG Technique
& Troubleshooting
WHEA 110 Acceptance & Commitment
Therapy Group
WHEA 111 Empowering Pasifika Women
Through a Therapeutic Group
WHEA 112 Utilising WDHB’s Values in the
Bowel Screening Pilot
WHEA 113 (slides) Transforming Triage in
MHS Older Adults
WHEA 114 Chest Drain Teaching Sessions
for Registrar Orientation
WHEA 115 (slides) Reducing Manual Processes
within MHS Older Adults
WHEA 116 (slides) eVitals: The future of
Nursing Documentation
WHEA 117 (slides) eVitals Digital Nursing Assessment
on Admission & Inpatient Stay
WHEA 118 Connecting Youth to
Health Services
WHEA 119 Pacific Island Youth Mental
Health Service for WDHB
WHEA 120 (slides) Piloting Saturday Clinics at
Auckland Regional Dental Service
WHEA 121 Allied Health Capacity at a Glance
WHEA 122 Inaugural Older Persons Mental
Health OT Symposium
WHEA 123 Improving Patient Engagement
in Physiotherapy
WHEA 124 (slides) Improving Mental Health Outcomes
for Children Aged 4 to 8 Years
WHEA 125 Healthy Babies, Healthy
Futures for Asian Families
WHEA 126 (slides) Online Self-help Recovery Program for Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia
WHEA 127 (slides) Nga Kaitiaki Kaumatua: Guardians
for & of our Respected Elders