Health Excellence Awards Posters

Entries to the Health Excellence Awards can be either as an oral or poster presentation. Posters may be either traditional style posters or electronic posters (a series of slides). These posters have been submitted as entries in the Waitemata Health Excellence Awards and have not been subject to peer review.  They may contain errors of fact or analysis, expressions of personal opinion and may not reflect Waitemata District Health Board’s policies, procedures and guidelines for clinical practice.



2011 Posters

WHEA 202 How the ‘Consumer Health Literacy Reference Group’ changed the WDHB ED Brochure to improve understanding
WHEA 203 Hospice West Auckland model of community care
WHEA 204 An intersectorial initiative to improve wellbeing and outcomes for residents living in a local caravan park
WHEA 205 Monitoring and Support for Enterally Fed Patients in Aged-care Facilities within WDHB

WHEA 207 Excluding Dietary Salicylates
WHEA 208 The Big Reveal: Career Pathways in Primary Health Care Nursing
WHEA 209 Medicines Care Guides for Residential Aged Care
WHEA 210 Vitamin D – New Zealand Sun Insufficient for the Job

WHEA 212 An Audit of the Safety and Efficacy of Prothrombinex®-VF For Acute Reversal of a Prolonged INR
WHEA 213 Teens onboard the mental health journey
WHEA 214 Using SOAP Notes to Transform Clinical Notewriting in Mental Health Services
WHEA 215 Intensive Community Support: A better approach for clients who have had multiple admissions to the Detox In-Patient Unit
WHEA 216 A preliminary report of a two country double blind placebo
controlled trial of long-acting methylphenidate
WHEA 217 Reducing time to be seen in WDHB Emergency Departments

WHEA 218 The Pathway To Improved Access To Elective Surgery
WHEA 219 Using Suboxone® for opioid withdrawal: what do clients think?
WHEA 220 Would You Engage in an Occupational Therapy Assessment?
WHEA 221 Portion Size Me
WHEA 222 Workforce and Career Development
WHEA 223 Testing the appeal of online networking for professional and consumer groups
WHEA 224 Applying a keyworker model to improve the quality of rehabilitation for stroke patients
WHEA 225 The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts
WHEA 226 Investigations of the Medical Stability of infants born at < 32 weeks gestation who are ‘back transferred’ to a level 2 unit in Waitemata DHB
WHEA 227 How NICE is the Refeeding Syndrome?