Health Excellence Awards Posters

Entries to the Health Excellence Awards can be either as an oral or poster presentation. Posters may be either traditional style posters or electronic posters (a series of slides). These posters have been submitted as entries in the Waitemata Health Excellence Awards and have not been subject to peer review.  They may contain errors of fact or analysis, expressions of personal opinion and may not reflect Waitemata District Health Board’s policies, procedures and guidelines for clinical practice.



2012 Posters

WHEA 201 Prescription Pick up Rates of Ferrous Sulphate and Vitadol C in Preterm Infants upon Discharge
WHEA 202 Entonox - It's A Gas. Using Entonox for Bone Marrow Biopses
WHEA 203 Lymphoedema: Not Such a Swell Time
WHEA 204 Multi-disciplinary Team approach to 24 hour Posture Management on an Acute Medical Ward

WHEA 205 Power of My Ethnic Name in Aotearoa
WHEA 206 Diabetes in Pregnancy Service Better, Sooner, More Convenient
WHEA 207 Primary Health Care Nurses: Better Sooner More Convenient
WHEA 208 Kicking the Diet Habit
An alternate approach to weight management
WHEA 209 Improving diabetes inpatient care by implementing the Glucose Awareness Project
WHEA 210 Investigation of Parenteral Nutrition-Aotearoa (IPNA)
WHEA 211 The Visual Alcohol & Drug Outcome Measure: Making Measurement Meaningful
WHEA 212 The Essential Role of Nurse Specialists in Delivering CT Coronary Angiography Service in the Acute Chest Pain Setting
WHEA 213 Migrating Project Management Data Entry to the Clinician Researcher via a Web Based Front End
WHEA 214 Preventing Diabetes Complications: Demystifying the HbA1c test using a simple pictorial tool
WHEA 215 The Anti-Nuclear Revolution! Anti-nuclear antibody screen: IFA to EIA
WHEA 216 School Refusal Pathway
WHEA 217 Achieving an Holistic Approach to the Assessment & Management of ADHD in Childhood
WHEA 218 The Art of Quitting Tobacco use & The Resilience in Mental Health & Addictions Services
WHEA 219 Melting Moments. A recipe for infusing the flavours of Person Centred Care
WHEA 220 Cardiopulmonary Exercise Based Triage: A New Zealand First at North Shore Hospital
WHEA 221 Establishing Parent Child Interaction Therapy at Marinoto North

WHEA 222 Professional Development & Recognition Programme First PHO-Led Nursing Framework
WHEA 223 Living in Close Proximity to Addiction: A Model of Social Support for Affected Others
WHEA 224 Targets Information Patters Course for Type 2 patients using insulin is 'TIP-Top'

WHEA 225 Removing a roadblock to ED patient flow: improving access to telemetry monitoring
WHEA 226 Reducing In-patient falls at WDHB
WHEA 227 Person Centred Care – the key to reducing restraint
WHEA 228 General Practice Assistant Course (PGPA) September 2012 Status

WHEA 229 An Evaluation of the Frequency & Prevention of Allergies & Adverse Drug Reactions to Antibiotics in Hospitalised Patients
WHEA 230 Bridging the Gap Between Hospital and Community
WHEA 231 Determinants of work-up & wait listing for renal transplantation among dialysis patients of WDHB
WHEA 232 Stop Drink Driving Responding to the Recidivist Drink Driving Problem

WHEA 233 The importance of keeping health information simple
WHEA 234 Reducing Blood Collection Errors In Our Emergency Departments
WHEA 235 Experiments with teamwork training: in-situ simulation