Health Excellence Awards Posters

Entries to the Health Excellence Awards can be either as an oral or poster presentation. Posters may be either traditional style posters or electronic posters (a series of slides). These posters have been submitted as entries in the Waitemata Health Excellence Awards and have not been subject to peer review.  They may contain errors of fact or analysis, expressions of personal opinion and may not reflect Waitemata District Health Board’s policies, procedures and guidelines for clinical practice.



2013 Posters

WHEA 201 Everyone matters: implementing Person Centred Care on an Acute Medical ward
WHEA 202 Specialised Sensation Service ELECT
WHEA 203 Go with the flow: Streamlining the patient flow process
WHEA 204 Safe nurse-led pre-CTCA beta-blockade administration

WHEA 205 Quit CAUTI program: a multifaceted approach to reduce catheter associated infections
WHEA 206 Reducing waste ordering at WDHB - are "URINE" or not?
WHEA 207 A Joint Effort: Improving patient information for hip and knee joint replacement
WHEA 208 An innovative approach to improving quality & safety of patient care by improving participation in nursing audit
WHEA 209 No wheels required – Provision of Aphasia Therapy following Stroke using Skype
WHEA 210 WDHB Community Hospital Shuttle
WHEA 211 Seclusion Elimination Waiatarau Acute Mental Health Unit

WHEA 213 Telephone pre-assessment results in improved colonoscopy outcomes
WHEA 214 Balancing risk supporting Allied Health students - managing risk
WHEA 215 Lean Thinking within the MHSG
WHEA 216 National Surgical Site Infection Surveillance for Orthopaedics - WDHB Leading the Way
WHEA 217 Introduction of Open Heart Meditation to a Regional Forensic Psychiatry Service
WHEA 218 Finding your way in Elective Surgery Unit
WHEA 219 Advanced Interventional Radiology: Your First 'Port' of Call
WHEA 220 Optimising Clinical Trial Management to Enhance Patient Safety
WHEA 221 Patient Information Poster
WHEA 222 A multi faceted approach aiming to reduce the incidence of Rheumatic Fever in West Auckland school communities