The Research & Knowledge Centre supports staff

We provide advice and education centred in the knowledge management framework primary components of Waitemata DHB activities:

  • research
  • innovation 
  • clinical audit / evaluation

We provide support to staff by:

  • project registration process for locality issues management
  • education clinics with classroom, eLearning and one-on-one consultation opportunities
  • guidance on research grant acquisition, promoting researcher collaborations
  • helping to gain
    • ethics committee approvals
    • gain locality resource approvals
    • contractual review and execution
    • budgetary support
    • other related activity
  • dedicated biostatistical advice 
  • cultural advisorsory links
  • dedicated research role support for conduct, analysis, publication and dissemination of selected research projects
  • clinical eDecision support giving clinicians access to evidence based practice information


Level 1, Outpatients (Building 5), North Shore Hospital
Phone +64 9
486 8920 extn 43740 or 42071