Training not showing on Employee Kiosk or HR Report

If your manager is not seeing the training you have completed on their HR report, or it's not showing up in Employee Kiosk, please check:

- is your employee number correct in your profile?

Check by clicking your name in the top right and then choosing "Profile" from the menu:


Then see what it says on the profile page:

If this matches your correct employee number, then that is not the problem. If it does not, you will need to email to get us to fix it. Please do not change this yourself by editing your profile, as we need to know what it got changed from (what it was set to before you changed it).

- did you actually complete all required components of the course?

From the same page shown above (your profile page) you can visit your record of learning and see your progress for the courses you're enrolled in:


If your employee number is correct, and your record of learning shows that you have actually completed the requirements of the course, you will need to email to investigate further.