Improving moving & handling improves patient & staff safety and care

Waitemata DHB is committed to creating a safe working and healing environment. Staff are trained, equipped and enabled to manage moving and handling in a planned and safe manner. Improving moving and handling practice protects patients and staff alike from injury and pain. The patient outcome, wellbeing and satisfaction are also improved and a good moving and handling culture means a more efficient and secure healthcare environment in general.

We offer several types of training

  • Practical hands on courses - general orientation and an update that introduces staff to the basics of moving and handling
  • Equipment specific training - helping staff use new and / or specialised equipment (e.g. hoverjack, hovermatt, molift scoop stretcher) not found in all areas
  • Area specific training - additional instructions for situations specific to their area
  • Patient specific training - complex presentations may require specialist assessment and planning for moving and handling

Other areas to consider in Moving and Handling:

  • manual and materials handling
  • facility and refurbishment design
  • incident investigation
  • equipment trialling, selection and maintenance

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We're writing the book on Moving and Handling

Anne McMahon is a co-author of ‘Moving & Handling People: The New Zealand Guidelines (ACC 2102) regarded as the best practice document in New Zealand. the Waitemata team feature in several chapters and the accompanying techniques DVD. Anne has also been published in the American Journal for Safe Patient Handling and in various ACC publications. All of the WDHB team have presented at international conferences for moving and handling, occupational health and safety amongst others.

Anne McMahon and her team are key members of Moving and Handling NZ. Together they are helping improve patient care and the lives of health care workers in New Zealand. Having hosted NZ’s first international conference in the subject, MHANZ will be running a series of seminar days around NZ in 2015. These will be interdisciplinary including the NZ Wound Care Society and NZ Dieticians, making the road show truly 'Moving and Handling from the Inside Out'.

Their first piece of research looked at Moving and Handling from the Waitemata DHB patient’s perspective. This research was presented at the 2010 international Moving & Handling Conference in Sydney.  

MHANZ and Waitemata DHB have been instrumental in bringing the Southern hemispheres first specific qualification in Moving and Handling to New Zealand. The Post-Graduate Certificate in Moving and Handling is currently in its first semester at Auckland University of Technology in Auckland and is based on the Loughborough University (UK) curriculum. An expected outcome from this qualification is to generate more New Zealand based research in the industry.