Education for Resident Medical Officers (RMOs)

Medical Education Training Unit (METU) operates the prevocational training programme for Resident Medical Officers (RMOs) working at Waitemata DHB. METU works with the Northern Regional Alliance (NRA) to provide career support and professional development necessary for RMOs to meet the Medical Council of New Zealand’s (MCNZ) registration requirements.

Registered medical officer

RMO Teaching Programme

Our teaching programme is accredited by the MCNZ and is based on the New Zealand Curriculum Framework for Prevocational Medical Training. Theoretical and simulated learning opportunities occur during teaching sessions and through learning technologies. The programme includes a combination of procedural, clinical and professional skills content. First year RMOs have two hours of protected teaching time each week.

METU aims to:

  • promote safe practice and safe prescribing
  • provide theory and simulation relevant to clinical practice
  • demonstrate team collaboration
  • ensure that teaching sessions are focussed on the needs of learners
Metu suture lesson

Clinical Practice

As newly qualified doctors, and with six years of Medical School under your belt, you are starting the next exciting chapter of your career.

Supervisors and colleagues from across the WDHB organisation aim to support you as you provide quality care for patients. With each new clinical run that you encounter you will set and work towards your career goals. Your progress will be carefully tracked by NRA, your supervisors and METU to help you make important career direction decisions, and to feel confident in your work environment.