About our DHB

Our development as an organisation relies on ensuring the organisational 'compass' points us in the right philosophical direction. This is about returning the organisation to its true purpose – the purpose revolves around the following themes:

  • To prevent, ameliorate and cure ill health
  • To promote wellness
  • To relieve suffering of those entrusted to our care
At the heart of it is the need to respect the dignity of every single person and the fact that in health we are entrusted with the care of people. This is a privilege and profound responsibility which we can sometimes lose sight of in the business of everyday service delivery.

Snapshot of Waitemata DHB

  • Largest DHB by population, with more than 575,000 people in our district
  • Provides secondary hospital and community services from North Shore Hospital, Waitakere Hospital and over 30 community sites throughout the district
  • Also provides child disability, forensic psychiatric, school dental and alcohol and drug services to the region on behalf of the other two DHBs in Auckland
  • Employs more than 6800 people
  • Annual budget of $1.4 billion (FY 2013/14), mainly from the Government (Ministry of Health)

Population is comprised of:

  • 60% European/New Zealander
  • 18% Asian (mostly Chinese, Indian and Korean)
  • 10% Maori
  • 10% Pacific peoples

Our services by the numbers

  • 6,957 babies born
  • 119,885 emergency department attendances
  • 175,904 outpatient clinic attendances
  • 694,464 school dental treatments given to children in the region
  • 72,015 vaccinations given to children aged five and under
  • 4,832 home visits by specialist nurses
  • 174,700 radiology procedures
  • 15,966 elective surgical procedures performed
  • 12,843 acute surgical procedures performed
  • 39,045 women underwent breast screening
  • 26,594 mental health clients seen
  • 12,944 mental health home visits